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Current Teams

Please contact our League Director, Michelle Williams, for more information on our current NICA teams! Please include the school that your 6th-12th grade student will be attending in 2022-2023 and we’ll be in touch!

Mississippi Blues Composite

Madison County

Barry Gant, Head Coach | Email

Christina Kennedy, Team Director | Email


NE Mississippi Gnarmadillos Composite

Oxford, Mississippi

Micah Messersmith, Head Coach | Email

Adam Smith, Team Director | Email


East Mississippi Scorpions Composite

Meridian/Lauderdale Counties

Ryan Whitaker, Head Coach | Email

Brandon Welch, Coach | Email


Mississippi Mustangs Composite

Jackson County

Don Smith, Head Coach | Email

Sabrina Smith, Team Director | Email

Rankin County Composite

Rankin County

Alex Hannah, Head Coach | Email

Selena Swartzfager, Team Director | Email

LAVELO Composite

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Casey Belgard, Head Coach | Email